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Past events related to spatial planning and territorial development in the BSR
23-25 September 2015 23rd BSSSC Annual Conference “Digital Agenda – New Chances and Challenges for the Regions of the Baltic Sea”, Visby

The conference will cover traditional BSSSC policy areas such as transport, culture and youth from innovative perspectives. Speakers include representatives of the Committee of the Regions, CBSS, CPMR, BDF and many more.

More information HERE.

14-18 September 2015 4th International Conference "Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2015", Stralsund

The 4th international conference on "Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2015" offers a regular international forum for discussions on currently important marine conservation issues in Europe with occasional examples from beyond.

International experts will again discuss emerging issues and new research results, and identify promising approaches to proceed in marine nature conservation in Europe.

10-11 September 2015 Baltic Landscape Forum 2015, Riga

The Baltic Landscape Forum focused on the change processes of our marine and coastal landscapes around the Baltic Sea.

The Forum contained presentations delivered by the developers and promoters of the European Landscape Convention from the Council of Europe, CIVILSCAPE network, as well as experts from the Baltic Sea Region countries who are dealing with landscape protection, management and planning on a daily basis in coastal areas. VASAB was one of the co-organizers of the Forum.

All presentations of the Forum are available HERE

icon Baltic Landscape Forum Programme 2015

15-19 June 2015 10th Baltic Sea Science Congress “Science and innovation for future of the Baltic and the European regional seas”, Riga

10th Baltic Sea Science Congress will take place on 15-19 June 2015 in Riga, Latvia. Event will be hosted by Latvian Academy of Sciences and Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology.

The Baltic Sea traditionally will be in the focus of the coming 10th Baltic Sea Science Congress, as it is unique opportunity for direct and indirect interdisciplinary mingling of the Baltic Sea researchers. However, this time the attention will be wider and beyond the borders of the Baltic Sea region. Future of the European regional seas is of the same importance for everybody of us, as we should be responsible for the part of the Earth we inhabit.

More information HERE


28-29 May 2015 European Maritime Day Conference, Piraeus

The European Maritime Day Conference will host high-level sessions and stakeholder workshops attracting delegates and experts from across Europe and beyond. On 28 May, the high-level plenary session will introduce the main political challenges of coastal cities and ports. The different aspects of this theme will be declined over the two days in three thematic sessions and about 20 workshops.

More information HERE

15-16 June 2015 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Jurmala

On 15-16 June, the 6th Annual Forum of the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) entitled "Achieving e-Quality by Connecting the Region", will take place in Jūrmala, Latvia. It will be one of the large-scale international events hosted during the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The key themes of the event will be the future of the EUSBSR, competitiveness of the region and digital connectivity – how information and communication technology is transforming the region and changing peoples' lives.

The Annual Forum is a major gathering of regional experts, government officials, businesses, representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGO), students and academics, and other stakeholders from the Baltic Sea Region that includes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The Annual Forum will provide for an excellent opportunity to discuss common challenges, analyse the overall progress of the EUSBSR and look forward to its future implementation. This year VASAB is among the organizers and partners of the Annual Forum. The Forum will include thematic session on implementation of maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea countries.

More information about the VI Annual Forum is available HERE


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