Workshop 1: Stakeholder involvement

Workshop 1: Fostering MSP through stakeholder involvement in national and international planning processes

Nowadays stakeholder involvement is seen as an integral part of MSP process to achieve mutually acceptable planning results. However, mobilisation of all relevant stakeholders requires efforts and related resources by planning authorities as well as interested parties to have successful cooperation processes. Various approaches and mechanisms can be applied during the process having different effectiveness and outcomes in MSP.

Workshop aim:

  • to share approaches and mechanism in stakeholder involvement in MSP in the EU Member states and beyond
  • to identify the key lessons learnt and need for further improvement in communicating with stakeholders


  • A snapshot on stakeholder involvement approaches in the Baltic Sea region and beyond
  • Key messages on how to improve the activities for the next phases of MSP cycle.
  • Workshop style: presentations, questions, small interactions with participants



Setting the scene

  • Alda Nikodemusa, VASAB Secretariat
  • Kristina Veidemane, Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia

Case studies

Challenges that had to be addressed regarding stakeholder involvement/ What were the specific objectives set for the stakeholder involvement in your planning process? Which approach & mechanisms have you applied to ensure stakeholder involvement? Lessons learnt – what are the achievements you are most proud of?

  • Larisa Danilova, Ermak NorthWest, Russia
  • Kira Gee, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), Germany
  • Yolanda Schmal, CPMR – North Sea Commission

Panel discussion

What is the effective approach in identifying and mapping stakeholders? What are the successful instruments to be used in stakeholder involvement? How to promote that the outcomes gained from stakeholder involvement are included in decision-making process?

  • Triin Lepland, Ministry of the Finance, Estonia
  • Mari Pohja-Mykrä, Regional Council of Satakunta, Finland
  • Joacim Johannesson, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Sweden