Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region 2050

To better support its work, VASAB initiated the ESPON targeted analysis project ‘Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region 2050’ (BT2050).

The ESPON project ΒΤ2050 developed two territorial scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region in 2050 – ‘Well-being in a Circular Economy – a RE-mind for a good life’ and ‘Growing into tech giants – the ecological footprint clear-up’. They show two different pathways of how the future of the BSR could look like and how differently its territories can develop by 2050, ranging from a decentralised region, with small and medium-sized cities in the urban hierarchy backbone and limited importance of transport and logistics, to urban green-tech giants as the key growth poles and global connectivity in increase.

These alternative developments can be used as eye-openers, and thus may serve as an inspiration for policymaking in the Baltic Sea Region.

Read more about the scenarios HERE.