Stakeholder involvement and engagement into MSP

Accumulating knowledge on stakeholder involvement and engagement into MSP

Activity will encompass and analyse the lessons learnt from projects` approaches and national MSP processes addressing stakeholder involvement, awareness-raising and engagement into MSP at the EU, pan-Baltic and national or regional level.
VASAB Secretariat is responsible for preparation of integrated report on MSP stakeholder involvement and engagement. It will include a harmonised overview and lessons learnt focusing on:

  • experience and identified approaches within MSP projects;
  • gained know-how from national MSP processes as currently most part of BSR countries are carrying out their consultation processes with their respective stakeholders.

The report will be addressing stakeholder involvement and engagement not only in planning process, but also in the implementation of MSP, as well as will be looking over the approaches on awareness-raising of MSP at national, regional and local level.