Horizontal Action “Spatial Planning” Support 2

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 project.

Project’s lifetime: 1 August 2016 – 31 July 2018
Budget: € 235 287,70
Project lead partner: VASAB Secretariat
Project partner: HELCOM Secretariat

The project aims to support objectives assigned in the HA “Spatial Planning” of the EUSBSR, co-led by HELCOM and VASAB and it builds on the coordination activities started within the previous HASPS project (2015/2016).

The project involves related activities of both partners to improve coordination, stakeholder involvement and achievement of the strategic targets of the HA Spatial Planning by:

  • enhancing the links between HA “Spatial Planning” and implementation of the Regional Baltic MSP Roadmap and EU MSP Directive (2014/89/EU);
  • strengthening an outreach and integration of HA “Spatial Planning” to other regional and European activities;
  • promoting and enabling future flagship projects.

Project activities cover both thematic areas of the HA “Spatial Planning”: maritime spatial planning and land-based spatial planning. In particular, the activities in 2016-2018 will:

  • support cooperation in MSP data and information availability by coordinating the work of BSR MSP Data sub-group;
  • follow up on the territorial monitoring practice in BSR and look for monitoring solutions and tools that can be improved for future needs and applied for the observation of the EUSBSR implementation and evaluation by organising the workshop on territorial monitoring in Krakow, Poland;
  • facilitate better stakeholder networking and involvement in HA “Spatial Planning” framework and initiate first discussions to determine HA “Spatial Planning” future perspective, tasks and targets beyond the current EUSBSR Action Plan by organising HA “Spatial Planning” stakeholders workshop tentatively in 2018.