EU DG MARE Preparatory Action on Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea

Project’s lifetime: December 2010 – June 2012
Budget: € 500 000

The PLAN BOTHNIA project has tested transboundary Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea. The project used the Bothnian Sea area between Sweden and Finland as a case study of Baltic transboundary MSP. The project was a Baltic Sea MSP “preparatory action” funded by EU Commission DG MARE under the EU Integrated Maritime Policy.

The final result is a MSP plan document “Planning the Bothnian Sea” which was created as a collective effort by six partners and numerous participants from regional and national authorities in Sweden and Finland. The plan publication includes peer reviews of five international experts on MSP.

The Lead Partner of the project was Baltic Sea Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) Secretariat. VASAB Secretariat was a project partner responsible for study on “Region-wide recommendations on minimum requirements for MSP systems, a stakeholder meeting and the final conference.

More information about PLAN BOTHNIA project can be found at project webpage.