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5th Conference of Ministers for Spatial Planning and Development, Wismar, 20-21 September 2001

5th Conference of Ministers for Spatial Planning and Development, Wismar, 20-21 September 2001

The fifth conference of ministers responsible for spatial planning and development of 11 Baltic Sea Region countries was held under the chairmanship of the German Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Housing in Wismar on 20-21 September 2001.

The main focus of the conference was the development of recommendations for future transnational actions based on the experience made since the adoption of VASAB 2010 vision in Tallinn in 1994. The ministers agreed on Spatial Development Action Programme - VASAB 2010 PLUS as a common platform for more focused joint activities. Links and cooperation between VASAB and other spatial development institutions and programmes (e.g. Interreg, ESPON) were defined.


The six key themes requiring common effort were underlined:
1. Co-operation of urban regions on key issues of sustainable development
2. Strategic development zones important for transnational integration within the BSR
3. Transnational transport links important for cross-BSR and cross-Europe integration
4. Diversification and strengthening of rural areas
5. Development of transnational green networks incl. cultural landscapes
6. Integrated development of coastal zones and islands

The Wismar Declaration stressed the need for spatial planning to promote sustainable development in connection with the enlargement of the EU and marked extension of spatial planning to the offshore areas.



icon Wismar Declaration on transnational spatial planning and development policies for the Baltic Sea Region to 2010

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