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Baltic SCOPE

Towards coherence and cross-border solutions in Maritime Spatial Planning
Baltic SCOPE

Project's lifetime: March 2015 – March 2017

Total Project's budget: € 2 638 829

The overall objective of the Project: to come up with common solutions of the cross-border maritime planning leading to greater alignment of national plans. It is a unique exercise to challenge countries involved, learn from the gained experience and transfer the knowledge beyond the Project and the Baltic Sea Region.

The Project is bringing together the partners from the organizations responsible for maritime spatial planning to facilitate the implementation of the EU MSP Directive.

The project is having two pilot case areas:
• South – West Baltic (SE, DK, DE, PL)
• Latvian MSP in cross-border consultation with EE and SE

Both case studies focus on how shipping traffic, wind farming, fishing and other uses function in these areas and how they can compromise.

The joint HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group has named this project as Flagship project of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Hence, the Group will regard the outcome of the Baltic SCOPE project for the future discussions.


Lead partner:
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Partner organizations:
Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (DE)
Ministry of the Environment (DK)
Maritime Office in Szczecin (PL)
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (LV)
Ministry of the Interior (EE)
VASAB Secretariat
HELCOM Secretariat


Project website:

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