Baltic LINes on the 8th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

During the 8th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR on 13 – 14 June 2017 in Berlin, project partners of “Baltic LINes” organized seminar “What’s the future? Testing the possible scenarios for shipping and energy in the Baltic Sea and how to integrate them into maritime spatial planning”.

The seminar looked at the future of shipping and energy sectors, and their spatial implications regarding maritime spatial planning. Participants of the seminar had a chance to participate in a strategic Maritime spatial planning simulation, strategy board-game “MSP Challenge” and to test the possible spatial planning solutions for the linear infrastructure of the Baltic Sea in the future.

The simulation background was represented in the fictional marine area with 3 adjacent countries. During the simulation participants aimed to achieve solutions for a productive, but also clean, safe and healthy sea in their national and shared marine areas through the spatial allocation of functions related to the maritime transport and energy sectors while respecting the needs of all other sectors.

The simulation game let the participants think in real future terms about the development of the whole region in 2030 and share their competences and expertise for the benefit of ongoing work within the Baltic LINes project. During the simulation the future scenarios on shipping and energy industries from Baltic LINes project were tested and applied.

The simulation game gave an opportunity to experience the complexity of different aspects, ranges, interactions, and influences regarding the future development of human activities in the Baltic Sea. Collected feedback will be used as a contribution to the further work of the Baltic LINes project.


Photo credit: Bernd Fiehöfer