Capacity4MSP has been Granted Flagship Status

Capacity4MSP project platform has been granted Flagship status by the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) under the Horizontal Action Spatial Planning. The decision was made at the online meeting on 29-30 June by the National Coordinators of the EUSBSR.

The flagship status shows that Capacity4MSP is leading the way in strengthening capacity of maritime spatial planning (MSP) stakeholders, policy- and decision-makers across the Baltic Sea Region and improving cross border cooperation in MSP. Flagship status also gives more visibility among other EU projects and wakes up interest of stakeholders and policy-makers in the EU area.

Project platform Capacity4MSP will create a practically oriented and interactive collaboration platform for knowledge exchange and intensified dialogue between MSP practitioners, policy- and decision-makers and other stakeholders. Capacity4MSP builds on the results of the current and recently completed MSP projects and ongoing MSP processes in the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore, it will increase the visibility and impact of recent MSP activities, build up potential synergies, deepen and widen gained know-how by synthesizing, amplifying and transferring the project outcomes to new practical solutions.

A regular dialogue with stakeholders is a crucial part of Capacity4MSP. By collecting and discussing lessons learned in previous MSP projects and national MSP processes, project will ensure efficient and value-added knowledge-transfer within and outside the Region and across various sectors and governance levels.

The project results will be showcased at the 4th Baltic MSP Forum on 1-2 June, 2021 in Jurmala, Latvia. Read more about project here.

Capacity4MSP is a project platform financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.