NSB CoRe Spatial Visioning Process Finalised

With the NSB CoRe project coming to the end on April 2019, also the Spatial Visioning Process carried out as part of the project by VASAB Secretariat has been finalized.

With participation of more than 200 stakeholders, series of workshops and presentations process of developing spatial vision for the NSB CoRe corridor has successfully concluded. Key results of the process are summarized in the final output “Towards Joint Transnational Spatial Vision on regional development, logistics and mobility of the North Sea Baltic Corridor: NSB CoRe – Network of Connections”.
Spatial Vision consists of an overall description how will the eastern BSR look like in 2050 and sub-sections describing global perspective, integration and connectivity, NSB CoRe Backbone and network of secondary connections. It looks into smart mobility solutions to support implementation of the spatial vision as well as elaborates further on multi-level governance model for the project area. It aims to move away from corridor ideas and to rather look at the project area as a dense network of connections built along the core axes.
Work carried out in the NSB CoRe will contribute to fulfilling the VASAB long-term goals regarding improved accessibility of Baltic Sea Region. Few more steps towards a joint governance of NSB corridor have been made. Discussions on regional benefits of European level infrastructure have to be continued and the established stakeholder network have to be maintained and nourished.

VASAB Secretariat would like to thank all the involved partners who supported NSB CoRe spatial planning activities.