Pan-Baltic stakeholder’s workshops organized by PartiSEApate project

To ensure sustainable and integrated planning across the BSR PartiSEApate project will focus on engaging transnational, national and regional bodies as well as sectors and researchers in a series of dialogues on a pan-Baltic level.

Through these workshops, stakeholders will gain an understanding of what MSP means to them and why it is important to treat certain topics on a transnational level. Planners will in turn get an insight into their priorities, objectives, expectations, fears and hopes. Initial workshops will be devoted to only one sector/topic each, so as to focus the discussions.

In subsequent steps, communication lines will be opened to stimulate cross-sectoral debate: sectors will then interact horizontally with each other to identify synergies and conflicts, and develop priorities and solutions for future MSPs and related governance processes. The ambition is to develop a pan-Baltic approach for those topics whose spatial dimension transcends national borders as well as a concept for an MSP institutional and governance model for transnational cooperation, agreements and data exchange.

Aquaculture / New uses of marine resources (16 April 2013, Gdańsk, Poland)
Climate change (13-14 May, Ystad, Sweden)

Research / Environmental protection (28-29 May, Klaipėda, Lithuania)
Cultural heritage / Tourism (June (week 23rd/ 24th, Riga, Latvia)
Offshore wind energy (3-4 September, Hamburg, Germany)
Data network building (17-18 September, Hamburg, Germany)
Shipping / Port development (25-26 September, Malmö, Sweden)