Report on Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms for MSPs in the Baltic Sea Region

Within the framework of the project platform ‘Strengthening the Capacity of MSP Stakeholders and Decision Makers: Capacity4MSP’, analysis of on implementation and monitoring & evaluation mechanisms of maritime spatial plans (MSPs) was carried out. The results of the analysis are presented in the integrated report.

The report provides an overview of how countries implement or plan to implement their MSPs;  the related processes and the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of results. This overview is based on past and ongoing processes in the BSR as well as some selected advanced MSP processes around the North Sea countries (esp. Belgium and England).

All BSR countries are by now involved in the preparation or adoption of MSPs, but still, only some have already gained concrete experience with the practical implementation of MSPs. Hence, the report aimed to identify the key elements related to the implementation and monitoring of existing MSPs, to show them in a comparative overview spanning the Baltic Sea Region EU Member States.

The resulting report, presented here, has been prepared based on desk research, interviews, interactive discussions held as part of the Planners Forum and feedback loops from the given BSR EU Member States. It contains research-based analysis, experiences and practical examples of implementation and M&E support mechanisms.

Although the report is descriptive and does not aim to pass any judgement on the respective national processes; it does highlight some good practices, lessons to be learned as well as challenges and obstacles in the practice of MSP implementation.

This report is prepared by Angela Schultz-Zehden, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG.



Report on Implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation Mechanisms of MSPs within the EU Baltic Sea Region Member States