Russian MSP Stakeholder Survey

Within the framework of the project platform Capacity4MSP, Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak NorthWest conducted a survey for Russian maritime spatial planning (MSP) stakeholders. The survey was based on the successful MSP experience in European countries, where throughout the planning process a broad public participation is provided.

The survey covered the economic, social and environmental aspects of MSP, as well as involved the stakeholders who were identified and mapped at the previous stage of the project. In total 450 requests were sent, to which 220 responses were received. The answers received reflect the interests, capabilities and expectations of four groups of respondents:

  • state and regional authorities involved in making decisions related to MSP;
  • local governments of coastal regions and municipalities;
  • representatives of state and regional business and public organizations;
  • other stakeholders.

The answers received during the survey will form the basis for further planning and interaction steps for the development of Russian MSP Roadmap, since the main idea of stakeholder participation in the MSP process is to involve in the dialogue as many stakeholders as possible, ensuring the optimisation of the process of such interaction.

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