Baltic LINes report: Shipping in the Baltic Sea

The report “Shipping in the Baltic Sea: Past, Present and Future Developments Relevant for Maritime Spatial Planing” represents a first synthesis of available literature on the topic of shipping in the Baltic Sea and related past, present and future developments relevant for MSP.

The report concentrates on the following key questions:

  • What are the unique characteristics of the Baltic Sea with regard to shipping?
  • Which economic, environmental and technological developments will influence shipping in the coming years and what are their spatial implications?
  • What plans/guidelines are existent for the coordination of shipping traffic in the Baltic Sea?

The report serves as a working document for further project activities and does not claim to be complete in one or the other way. By collecting available information and providing it to all project partners in concentrated form it aims to enable in-depth discussions on common planning criteria for shipping, to develop likely future scenarios and to consult stakeholders in a comprehensive manner.

This report was developed by Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) under Work Package 2.1. “Screen and analyse available information, data and maps related to shipping in the Baltic Sea”.

Download report HERE.