Few steps closer to VASAB Vision 2040

VASAB  Committee on Spatial Planning and Development of the Baltic Sea Region (CSPD/BSR) is continuing to update its Long-Term Perspective for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region and has prepared draft VASAB Vision 2040. The visioning has been a co-creative process, during which the key elements of the vision have been developed in close cooperation with the VASAB CSPD/BSR and also communicated to other relevant stakeholders through different workshops and other activities. This interactive process has been a characteristic of the process and has been used to continuously adjust and improve the document.

To increase awareness and ownership of the vision document, it has been run through stakeholder consultations between March-July 2022, during which VASAB has collected additional inputs and feedbacks to the draft VASAB Vision 2040. Stakeholder consultation was an important and necessary process for the fine-tuning and finalisation of the draft Vision 2040 during which a large variety of players were approached and involved, ranging from the macro-regional to national, regional and local level.

In general, the vision has been widely positively perceived by the stakeholders. The comments have provided useful inputs and clarifications to improve the draft Vision. In their feedback stakeholders have proposed additional possible actions, as well as expressed commitments to have an active part supporting the implementation of the VASAB Vision 2040.

Currently VASAB CPSD/BSR is evaluating received comments and working on the finalisation of Vision 2040. Draft VASAB Vision 2040 is expected to be adopted by VASAB CPSD/BSR by the end of 2022 and endorsed by VASAB Ministerial Conference in early summer 2023.