Closure of Project Platform Capacity4MSP – main highlights from the final event

On 9 March 2022, the final event of Project Platform ‘Capacity4MSP’ was organised. During the event, project partners presented to the participants the main results of the project.


Addressing the participants, Project Manager Inga Jekabsone admitted that Capapcity4MSP had faced several external challenges that significantly affected the implementation of the project such as the Covid-19 pandemic and military aggression to Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, because of the strong dedication of project partners as well as strong cooperation traditions, the results of the project are achieved and in some terms even exceeded.

The first part of the event was dedicated to project outputs that contributed to knowledge increase in MSP. Jacek Zaucha from Maritime Institute of Maritime University in Gdynia presented the key messages from the MSP projects focusing on the future-oriented MSP policy messages. Then, Angela Schultz-Zehden from SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth presented MSP implementation, monitoring and evaluation support mechanisms. Finally, Liene Gaujeniete from VASAB Secretariat presented the BASEMAPS platform.

Watch the first part HERE


In turn, the second part was dedicated to project outputs that contributed to dialogue improvement in MSP. Elin Celik from SwAM informed about the organisation of the Planners’ Forum meeting and the way forward. Then, Magda Matczak, Maritime from the Institute of Maritime University in Gdynia provided an overview of organisation of several thematic cross-sectoral workshops organised within the project. Afterwards, Kristina Veidemane from BEF Latvia outlined the main messages from the research on stakeholders’ involvement and engagement in MSP.

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Finally, the third part was dedicated to discussion on future MSP. Elina Veidemane from VASAB Secretariat presented the LTP update towards VASAB vision 2040. In addition,  Nico Buytendijk, from Netherlands Enterprise Agency outlined the activities of the eMSP project which in some way could be considered as a continuation of Capacity4MSP. In turn, Triin Lepland from the Estonian Ministry of the Finance provided MSP planner’s perspective and Jacek Zaucha expressed the research perspective. All panellists concluded that cooperation is the key success factor and maritime spatial plans should be adaptive to different development scenarios.

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The event was moderated by Ivana Lukic from SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth.



Event agenda, presentations and photos available HERE.