Official launch of Capacity4MSP in Riga

On 21-22 November 2019 kick-off meeting of Project Platform “Capacity4MSP: Strengthening the capacity of MSP stakeholders and decision makers” took place in Riga back-to-back with Baltic 3rd MSP Forum.

“Taking into account the significant progress in MSP in the BSR, as well as different ongoing initiatives, the justification of the project is clear – joint framework aimed to strengthen the capacity of MSP stakeholders, policy- and decision-makers is essential. We have high expectations on project results – during the project, there would be created different support mechanisms for the implementation of the MSP”, emphasised Alda Nikodemusa, Head of VASAB Secretariat, welcoming Project Partners in Riga.

During the kick-off event, Project Partners discussed the progress regarding implementation of activities such as capitalisation of the current activities and projects, supporting the implementation of the MSP in the BSR as well as planners and cross-sectoral dialogue. In addition, project partners discussed calendar of communication events where would be a possibility to rise the visibility of the Project Platform and MSP in the BSR in general.

During the kick-off meeting, Kristina Veidemane, Baltic Sea MSP focal point of the MSP Assistance Mechanism, informed Project Partners on EU MSP Platform and its Assistance Mechanism and encouraged to use the expertise and provided services of Baltic Sea MSP focal point. In turn, Elena Kolosova, Project Officer of Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of INTERREG BSR Programme, stressed the need to take Project results further and capitalise the achievements by engagement and educating project target groups.

The aim of Platform Project Capacity4MSP is to strengthen the capacity MSP stakeholders, policy- and decision-makers through intensified dialogue activities and amplifying the gained knowledge in MSP. Project’s lifetime: 1 August 2019 – 30 September 2021. Total project budget: € 999,972.50, including ERDF € 909,950.00.

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