Project Platform Capacity4MSP is finished!

VASAB Secretariat as a lead partner oversaw the execution of the project platform Capacity4MSP from 1 August 2019 to 31 March 2022. The project aimed to increase the capability of marine spatial planning stakeholders, policymakers and decision-makers through increased discussion activities and the dissemination of information obtained in maritime spatial planning.

Throughout the project, project partners have faced various external challenges including the pandemic and the military aggression on Ukraine by the Russian Federation that affected the project activities. Nevertheless, the partnership has managed to overcome these obstacles and generate meaningful results for the MSP community like key policy messages from MSP projects in the BSR, an overview of supporting mechanisms for implementation, evaluation and monitoring of maritime special plans and a guide on how to engage stakeholders in MSP processes.

In addition, a series of events were organised within the project to ensure the continuous transfer of information and good practice towards coherence and cross-border solutions in maritime spatial plans in the BSR. A special emphasis should be placed on the 4th Baltic MSP Forum organised on 1-2 June 2021 when more than 300 MSP practitioners, policy-makers and researchers from 31 country united to discuss, share, learn and develop new ideas to enhance MSP in the region.

During the final event of Capacity4MSP, it was determined that adaptability, cooperation and strong partnership are critical characteristics of future MSP. Without a doubt, Capacity4MSP helped to develop a robust MSP network.

To summarise, the VASAB Secretariat and project partnership seek to continue and expand on their long-standing collaboration in a variety of forms and formats.


Project outputs are available HERE.