Supporting the implementation of MSP in the BSR

Supporting the implementation of MSP in the BSR

The activity, led by the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth, is addressing experience gained with the implementation of MSP and the monitoring and evaluation of results, from past and on-going processes in the BSR and beyond. Nearly all BSR countries are involved in the preparation of maritime spatial plans, and several have concrete experience with the practical implementation of these plans. The activity focuses on realising successful transnational knowledge-transfer from existing experiences in the Baltic and other sea basins (e.g. North Sea).


Three tutorials have been prepared:

(1) What do Maritime Spatial Plans look like?

(2) What are “uses” in Maritime Spatial Plans?

(3) What are “zones” in Maritime Spatial Plans?


Report on identified mechanisms for the implementation of MSP

The SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth prepared a report on identified support mechanisms for the implementation of MSP, encompassing conclusions on:

  • criteria and indicators for the process, content and performance of maritime spatial plans and related SEAs and proposals for how to follow up on the accomplishment of regional MSP commitments;
  • favourable and less favourable conditions for implementing maritime spatial plans and the achievement of intended effects;
  • relationship with or integration of other spatially relevant (sectoral) planning.

During this sub-activity, a workshop to collect the mechanisms and practical ideas how to implement, monitor and evaluate maritime spatial plans will be organised.


User guide and visualization material of BASEMAPS

The HELCOM Secretariat ensures the enhancement of the Baltic MSP web-map. It will promote the use of BASEMAPS, one of the first decentralised data sharing platforms designed and developed during the projects BalticLINes and Pan Baltic Scope. Within the activity, a user guide and visualisation material of BASEMAPS available for MSP data providers, planners and other users in the BSR is provided.


A proposal for an institutionalized tool to follow-up on regional MSP commitments

The HELCOM Secretariat develops a proposal for a regular follow-up on the accomplishment of regional MSP commitments. Information on progress in MSP has been or will be generated within a number of projects, which could be utilised to investigate a suitable future regional follow-up system for consideration by the countries within the HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group.


MSP Roadmap for Russia

The Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak NothWest and the Russian State Hydrometeorological University will focus on realising an MSP Roadmap in order to stimulate the implementation of MSP in Russia. The Roadmap will consider relevant national MSP frameworks, identify key activities, relevant stakeholders and responsible institutions, as well as analyse the compliance of MSP objectives with the goals and objectives of the national project ‘Ecology’ and Russian federal and regional strategies for the Baltic Sea.

Activities for the development of the Russian Roadmap:

  • Thematic workshops for the development of the Russian MSP Roadmap, 23 September 2020. Read more.
  • Russian MSP Stakeholder Survey. Read more.
  • The Roundtable “Maritime Spatial Planning” was held within the framework of the XXI International Forum “Baltic Sea Day” on March 23, 2021 in St. Petersburg and online. Read more.
  • Proposals to Maritime Spatial Planning Roadmap of the Russian Federation. Read more.