City Development Research Report 2016

Cities have been and still are the main drivers of economic development. VASAB Long-Term Perspective for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region foresees that in year 2030 the region features a well-balanced setup of metropolitan centres, which act as the global and BSR gateways, and small and medium –sized cities and towns, which secure a high quality of life for their residents in both urban and rural areas.

The latest Ministerial Conference (in 2014 in Tallinn) asked VASAB to contribute to better adaptation of strategies to different types of areas, especially: Baltic Sea Region metropolises and large cities, small and medium-sized towns and their functional areas, and rural areas, with the focus on supporting the development of cross-border functional areas, enhancing the development role of the metropolises in their wider vicinity, promoting urban–rural partnerships, and promoting success stories of innovative small and medium-sized towns.

VASAB has prepared a background report for the publication on development of the cities in the Baltic Sea Region based on ESPON BSR-TeMo project findings.

VASAB has prepared also publication – overview of the presence, importance and scope of revitalisation of cities in the VASAB countries.