Gdansk 1993

2nd Conference of Ministers for Spatial Planning and Development, Gdansk, 14-15 December 1993

The second Conference of Ministers for Spatial Planning and Development was held on 14-15 December 1993 in Gdansk, Poland.  The Ministers welcomed the interim and theme group reports on “Vision and Strategies around the Baltic 2010”, recognising these being an important step towards a coherent spatial development around the Baltic Sea. They recommended preparing a joint comprehensive report including analyses, clarified vision and strategies, and suggestions for possible common actions to be presented to the third Ministerial Conference in 1994. They recommended that national governments take results of common work on spatial vision and strategies around the Baltic Sea into consideration within their national development plans and infrastructure projects. The Ministers also recommended that key areas and planning projects of common interest should be identified where common experience could useful for vision and strategies (e.g. cross-border planning, GIS as a tool for spatial planning, environmental impact assessment for major projects).