Karlskrona 1992

1st Conference of Ministers for Spatial Planning and Development, Karlskrona, 20-21 August 1992

The first Ministerial Conference the ministers responsible for spatial planning and development of the Baltic Sea Region countries was held in Karlskrona, Sweden on 20-21 August, 1992 upon the initiative of the Swedish Minister for Physical Planning Görel Thurdin. The ministers agreed that a spatial development concept of the Region should be worked out jointly. A Group of Focal Points (GFP) from interested countries and regions was set up to contribute and monitor the work on the report. Sweden assured secretariat functions of the GFP through the Baltic Institute in Karlskrona.

Görel Thurdin, Minister for Physical Planning of Sweden in 1992: We should be able to show the world the fabulous potential the Baltic Sea space represents. … We need a common strategy. And for that we need visions.

Sirpa Pietikäinen, Minister of Environment of Finland in 1992: A new regional structure of the Baltic basin is emerging. New connections between cities and regions will be established across the national borders. Cities and towns will adopt new roles in the framework of the international division of labour.

Algimantas Nasvytis, Minister for Construction and Urban Development of Lithuania in 1992: Nowadays we need broad and integrated strategic thinking so that the Baltic could crystallise into a distinct and capable Northern European structure within Greater Europe…