Tallinn 2014

8th VASAB Conference of Ministers Responsible for Spatial Planning and Development of the BSR, Tallinn, 26 September 2014

The main focus of the Ministerial Conference was to follow the implementation progress of VASAB Long-Term Perspective and adoption of VASAB Tallinn Declaration about planning and development challenges in the Region.

The Tallinn Declaration sets new tasks and objectives, which will promote cooperation between the cities, improve the internal and external accessibility of Region, enhance maritime spatial planning by implementing the Regional Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Roadmap 2013-2020 and facilitate blue growth through spatial planning and development

However, the main goal remains unchanged – in 2030 the Baltic Sea Region should become a well-integrated and coherent macro-region, which has overcome the socio-economic development divides between its individual parts and turned the global challenges into assets.

The 8th VASAB Ministerial Conference also marked the 20th Anniversary of the first VASAB common strategic document (Tallinn Vision) agreed at the 3rd Ministerial Conference in 1994.

The 8th Ministerial Conference took place under the Chairmanship of Estonia.