Closing Plenary

Connecting Seas closing session

Moderator: Stephen Jay


Lodewijk Abspoel, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands

Thomas Johansson, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Alda Nikodemusa, VASAB Secretariat

Dr. Nico Nolte, German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)

Sine Olsson Heltberg, Danish Maritime Authority

The closing plenary discussion summed up whole event. Speakers expressed their personal thoughts of this conference, among answers speakers named that this is great event to promote transboundary cooperation in MSP, emphasised the opportunity to work in international environment, were pleased to see development in MSP since the first projects dedicated to MSP, expressed future thoughts about MSP continuing in North Sea in a long run. They were happy to see that connectivity and coherence of national MSP plans are being considered and there are steps towards working across borders. Huge interest to learn deeper and wider perspective of MSP.

Speakers discussed topical issues in MSP in both Baltic and North Sea Regions and what can we learn from each other or adopt. Main discussion points:

  • Recommendations by BalticLINes – energy sector in Baltic Sea has to develop more closer corporation – to involve these significant sectors that needs transboundary cooperation.
  • Ambitious energy tasks and plenty of space for offshore wind but there are technical problems on how to implement and make the plans reality.
  • Political steering needs to be established in North Sea for MSP. HELCOM-VASAM MSP WG in the Baltic Sea is a great role model – for North Sea there should be such a cooperation network.
  • Communication beyond MSP experts is crucial. You have to explain the plans to the different political levels, they should not be too technical but more understandable.
  • Cooperation requires high-level representatives. MSP is political guided and stakeholder driven.