Workshop Shipping

Workshop ‘Shipping – planning issues, criteria, tools’

Connecting Seas conference, 14 February 2019

Freedom of navigation is one of the most important principles for shipping. Nevertheless, physical obstacles in the sea have highly increased in numbers over the last years. One reason is the rapid development of offshore windfarms.

In this workshop we will present our results, findings and recommendations regarding the shipping sector, for example the identification of planning mismatches, national approaches for the planning of shipping corridors and good practice planning approach for transnational coherent planning of ship corridors.

We will present to you similarities and differences in both sea basins as well as one of the biggest challenges for shipping in MSP: obtaining and using data.

In smaller groups we want to tap into your expertise, discuss our results and findings, and develop recommendations to be implemented in the national MSP processes.

So come onboard (not the pirates, of course) and join us on our shipping workshop!

Presentations and speakers

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  • Identification of planning mismatches and their origins in the Baltic Sea.  Dominic Plug – German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
  • Suggestion of a step-wise approach for the coherent planning of ship corridors in MSP. Dominic Plug – German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
  • Planning transnational shipping in the NorthSEE – Report from the NorthSEE project. Henrik Nilsson, World Maritime University, Marine Environmental Research Group (MER)
  • Future trends of shipping: Possible frictions with Future Trends. International Shipping, tackle it together. Jeroen Van Overloop, Directorat General Shipping
  • Shipping trends and impact of disruptors. Christopher Palsson, Lloyd’s List Intelligence Consulting