Baltic LINes

Baltic LINes: Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans

Project’s lifetime: March 2016 – April 2019
Total project budget: € 3 409 458;
European Regional Development Fund: € 2 674 451,50.
The overall objective of the Project: to increase transnational coherence of shipping routes and energy corridors in Maritime Spatial Plans (MSP) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

This prevents cross-border mismatches and secures transnational connectivity as well as efficient use of Baltic Sea space. Thereby Baltic LINes helps to develop the most appropriate framework conditions for Blue Growth activities (e.g. maritime transportation, offshore energy exploitation, coastal tourism etc.) for the coming 10-15 years increasing investors’ security.

The main project activities include:

  • Developing requirements for MSP in relation to the shipping and energy sector in BSR;
  • Harmonizing BSR MSP data infrastructure for shipping routes and energy corridors, drafting guidelines for MSP data exchange and dissemination;
  • Identifying and agreement on transnationally coherent planning of linear infrastructures;
  • Providing recommendations for a formalized BSR agreement on transboundary consultations on linear infrastructure within the MSP process

Explore project results HERE.