Workshop 2: Blue economy aspects in planning

Workshop 2: Measuring, understanding and integrating blue economy aspects in planning – the role of the regional and local level

Integrating blue economy aspects in planning of costal and marine areas can be facilitated by measuring and better understanding the blue economy. During this workshop we will highlight some of the challenges in measuring the blue economy and meet examples of mapping the blue economy for better understanding of the preconditions for local maritime businesses. The workshop will also highlight other important preconditions for developing the blue economy and integrating blue economy aspects in planning, such as research and innovation. The workshop includes presentations from the Land-Sea-Act project and examples from other regions.

Issues raised in the workshop includes “challenges with measuring the Blue economy”, “how to improve knowledge on blue economy”, “preconditions for integrating blue growth aspects in planning”, “Financing and legislation for sustainable blue businesses”.


  • Measuring the Blue Economy. Andreas Lagemann, HWWI Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI)
  • Understanding the regional and local blue economy – the case of West Sweden. Ida Lindbergh, The Gothenburg Region
  • Research and innovation as a precondition for Blue Growth. Fredrik Gröndahl, Royal institute of technology, President of the Executive Board – SUBMARINER Network
  • Ivana Lukic, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG