Workshop 5: Multi-use and Blue economy

Workshop 5: The role of MSP in supporting sustainable ocean Multi-Use and Blue Economy

This workshop will engage MSP experts and maritime business community to discuss the role of MSP as an level to advance ocean multi-use and Blue economy. Encouraged by the MSP Directive and supported by several EU-funded projects, the concept of multi-use has been identified a tool for a more sustainable and efficient use of the Baltic and North Sea resources. The workshop will host three presentations exemplifying different approaches to ocean multi-use, as well as the associated challenges and opportunities. The highly interactive format of the workshop will allow for the panel discussion and interaction with the audience on this topic.


WELCOME & Ocean Multi-Use State of Play informed by UNITED and MULTI-FRAME projects. Ivana Lukic and Laurine Tertre, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG

Study for the industry (Orsted) on offshore wind and multi-use. Sophie Locke and David Tudor, Blue Marine Foundation

Study for the European Parliament PECH Committee on the “Impact of offshore renewables on European fisheries”. Vanessa Stelzenmuller, Thuenen Institute of Sea Fisheries

Multi-use in Sweden: Vattenfall offshore wind project and seaweed farming. Fredrik Groendhal, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Local cooperative ownership, wind farm siting and tourism. Hans Chr Soerensen, SPOK/ Middelgrunden Wind Farm Cooperative


Moderator: Ivana Lukic

What is the state of play on multi-use in the Baltic Sea (and the North Sea)? What is the role of UNITED and MULTI-FRAME projects in advancing this concept from theory to practice? Can multi-use combinations improve the NIMBY (not in my backyard) effect and ensure a more socially just use of marine resources?

How are the interactions between offshore wind and fisheries taken into consideration in MSP? What regulatory and operational challenges is multi-use facing and how can the application of multi-use be supported through MSP?