Workshop 8: Data-driven decision making

Workshop 8: How to enhance tools for data driven decision making in MSP?

In this context, the workshop aims to discuss how different approaches have being used to handle data challenges. The workshop will give an overview of the recent work done by different international projects that addressed the challenge of accessing and providing data to support the decision-making process in MSP, with a focus on cumulative impacts.

The workshop will aim to answer to the following challenges existing in MSP:

  • How to access relevant data to support decision making in the MSP process?
  • How to work with decision support systems for siting growing blue bioeconomy sectors?
  • How to account / assess? for cumulative impacts of human activities in the marine environment?


  • MSP data in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond to support cumulative impacts assessments. Joni Kaitaranta, HELCOM Secretariat
  • Analysing conflicts and synergies between anthropogenic uses in the marine environment. Henning Sten Hansen, Aalborg University
  • Problems and gaps related to cumulative impacts identified by the BlueBioSites Seed money project, Anda Ikauniece, Latvian institute of Aquatic Ecology


Panel discussion:

Moderator: Andrej Abramic, Co-Chair of the EU Technical Working Group on data for MSP

  • Joni Kaitaranta, HELCOM Data Coordinator
  • Anda Ikauniece, Latvian institute of Aquatic Ecology
  • Jonne Kotta, University of Tartu
  • Henning Sten Hansen, Aalborg University