Project Documents

This section of East West Window project web site provides a complete overview of the findings, outputs and results of the project. Intensive work of partners, civil servants and experts from all countries of the Baltic Sea Region has resulted in comprehensive analysis of the most important BSR specific developmental assets, development potentials and integrative trends. The documents include evaluation of the transnational actions carried out during the last decade in the field of urban networking, accessibility and sea use. Conclusions and recommendations prepared by working groups have served as a solid source of information for pan-Baltic organizations and national governments in the field of territorial cohesion, regional development, transport and maritime policy.
Final Reports of the working groups and policy recommendations have provided a basis for VASAB work on long term perspective for the Baltic Sea Region spatial development till 2030.
The following documents summarize the main findings of the project as well as reproduce working process of the main expert meetings. We would like to thank all (more than 700) experts, stakeholders, policy makers who were involved in development and commenting the papers.

Final Reports and Policy Recommendations
Working Group Documents
WG1 reports and studies
WG1 presentations and drafts
WG2 reports and studies
WG2 presentations and drafts
WG3 reports and studies
WG3 presentations and drafts
Project Management Documents

Presentations of EWW project representatives at VASAB annual conference in Riga, Latvia on 23 April 2008 can be found here.